Grupo Orión de Investigación: Teaching and Research with Concept Mapping for 25 years

Since 1990, the Grupo Orión de Investigación at the Universidad de Extermandura, Spain, has been using concept maps in both  teaching and  research (both scientific  and learning), and since 2004 they’ve been collecting the results at their “Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)” CmapServer.  Concept maps have been used in a variety of courses, including Didactics of Physics and Physiological Optics for the undergraduate program in Physics; Optoelectronics for Electrical Engineering; Pedagogical Aptitude course for High School Teacher candidates; Doctoral courses; Technology of Scientific Communication and Documentation course for Masters in Engineering and Architecture and Masters of Science students; courses for Masters Program in High School Teaching; and courses for Masters on Research on Teaching and Learning of Experimental and Social Sciences and Mathematics. The group has prepared a large number of resources, including video tutorials on the use of CmapTools. On the research side, concept maps have been part of five doctorate thesis and many undergraduate and master’s thesis and projects. Current research is aimed at extrapolating concept maps to procedure maps, and more so, to reasoning models. Work on this effort is available at their CmapServer.

For more information: Grupo Orión de Investigación, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain