WWMaps: Collaborative Concept Mapping by Students from Different Countries

The WWMAPS project was active around 2004-2008 to allow children from different countries world-wide to construct concept maps collaboratively. it was led by Alfredo Tifi and Antonietta Lombardi.

It was an amusing and interactive way to develop learning and to construct new concepts, starting from experiences, content and prior knowledge of the children. Concept maps (Cmaps) offered a swift, synthetic and accurate way to construct meaningful propositions and to follow the development of the new knowledge. CmapTools technology enabled children to work collaboratively and learn the partner’s language. Diversity of language didn’t pose a serious problem, because mono-lingual Cmaps were easily translated in multilingual Cmaps without changing the structure and with the maximum of interaction and communication with minimum number of words.

In a few cases (with Panamá, Egypt and the UK) it was also possible to create overseas Cmaps in synchronous collaboration, through Skype video-conference or chat. All the collaboration tools of CmapTools were exploited, and students of every age introduced lot of resources, images, texts, audio-visual, Web pages, etc., about own life experiences, culture or content subjects.

For more information: www.2wmaps.com. All the projects’ process development and products can be seen at the link http://goo.gl/AhK8wp.