CmapTools Ontology Editor (COE)

COE v4.01 is now available for download

COE v 4.01

COE v4.01 is now available for download. There have been a large number of changes that have gone into this release, principally focused on full integration with the CmapTools software. This is the first release of COE where you can do everything that you can with CmapTools. Whereas previous versions of COE were standalone applications that made use of CmapTools, this new version and all future versions will be plugin modules of CmapTools. Now both communities of users can benefit from the development advances on either side of the tool.

Use the "Download" tab at the top of this page to access a version a COE for either Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Solaris.

Installation Notes

We've noticed a few problems installing COE, and we'll report any more we receive here on the site.

1. Although CmapTools are internationalized, the COE modules are not at this time. If COE is loaded on a non-english system, the program will fail to start. (A fix for this is underway.)

2. On Macintosh OS X, ensure that you have permissions to write to the Applications directory, or change the installation folder to your /home/<username>/Applications.


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