CmapTools for iPad Known Issues


CmapTools for iPad v1.2 & 3 (List updated April 15, 2015)

  • On Apps that have not done the in-app purchase, if a resource that is not a URL is linked to a concept,the App crashed when it tries to automatically save the Cmap (fixed in v1.4) .


CmapTools for iPad v1.1 (List updated February 9, 2015)

  • If a Cmap has a concept selected, showing the icons above and below, and the Cmap is deleted, the icon with the (+) underneath the selected concept remains in the screen. The App must be closed and relaunched to get rid of it.
  • If a Cmap is deleted and immediately the App is shutdown, relaunching the App may give an error message indicating a Connection Failure. Tap to continue and select any other Cmap.
  • CmapTools for iPad does not manage Cmap components like Presentations and Recorder. Syncing a Cmap that contains these components with the Cmap Cloud will not affect these components (except that they can be out of sync with the Cmap if the Cmap is edited), but exporting the Cmap to be sent my email or other means will not include these components.
  • Resources that cannot be displayed on the iPad are not handled well. E.g., AVI videos won't display an icon and will display as a black window.
  • Renaming a resource by just flipping some of the name's letters to upper/lower case results in an error when syncing to the Cmap Cloud.
  • The import function does allow the importing of Cmaps in the .cmap format. From CmapTools for Desktop, Cmaps must be exported to CXL format (.cxl file) before they can be imported into CmapTools for iPad from an email message or shared storage.
  • When a CXL file is exported and then imported into CmapTools for Desktop, the metadata is not being imported.
  • When a CXL file is exported into CmapTools for iPad, the metadata is not being imported.