Cmap Cloud FAQs

How to Share a Folder in the Cmap Cloud

Permissions and sharing in CmapTools is done at the folder level, so only folders can be shared; individual Cmaps cannot be shared, you need to share the folder that contains them. The sharing of a folder in the Cmap Cloud is done through CmapTools in the Cloud at the Cmap Cloud website.

  1. Login to the Cmap Cloud. Use your Cmap Cloud credentials, the same email address and password used to access the Cmap Cloud from CmapTools.
  2. Go to the CmapTools in the Cloud (Cmaps) section of the Cmap Cloud.
  3. Select the folder you want to share. If its a subfolder, navigate to the folder by double-clicking on the enclosing folders until you are able to select the folder to be shared.
  4. Click on the "Share" Action on the left.
  5. Add each of the users you want to share the folder with. The users you share with need to have accepted you as their "Cmapper" (buddy or friend). If they are already a Cmapper of yours, they should appear on the list on the left of the dialogue box -- select each of them and click on the down arrow. If they are not a Cmapper, type their email address on the right and click on the down arrow. You can add as many users to the Share request as needed.
  6. Select the type of permissions you want to grant. You may limit users to only Viewing, to Viewing and Annotate, or give permissions that allow editing the contents of the folder. Annotating allows the addition of "Post It" annotation notes but not the editing of the Cmaps.
  7. Click on Share.
  8. For users that are already your Cmappers, a shortcut (alias) to your folder will be created on their Home Folder and they will receive a Cmap Cloud message telling them the folder is accessible.
  9. For users that have a Cmap Cloud account but are not your Cmappers, a Cmap Cloud message is sent asking them whether they accept being your Cmapper. If they accept, and accept the Share, the shortcut (alias) will be created.
  10. For users who do not have a Cmap Cloud account, an email message will be sent inviting them to create and account, sign in, and accept you as a Cmapper.

Shared folders have a different icon, with a "hand" indicating they are shared.

Selecting a folder and clicking on the Share action allows you to modify the users and type of sharing for that folder.

Your folder can now be accessed, by users with whom you have shared it, using CmapTools or CmapTools in the Cloud.

Using CmapTools for the Desktop, two users can edit the same Cmap real-time (synchronous collaboration) if both open the Cmap and edit it. The first one to edit the Cmap must approve the collaboration requests from the other users. CmapTools in the Cloud does not currently allow real-time collaboration.

Does CmapTools in the Cloud work with Tablets?

CmapTools in the Cloud was not designed to be used with Web browsers on tablets. Many of the gestures used (e.g. double-click to create a concept) are interpreted by the tablet to mean something else. For iPad users, we recommend CmapTools for iPad, available for download at the Apple App Store.

Does the Cmap Cloud work with Public CmapServers?

No, the Cmap Cloud only works with its own integrated CmapServers. The authentication (userid and password) for the Cmap Cloud are independent of userids and passwords for Public CmapServers (IHMC Public CmapServer, IHMC Public Cmapserver (2) and IHMC Public CmapServer (3)) and the Cmappers CmapServer.

What services does the Cmap Cloud provide?

The Cmap Cloud provides a variety of services:

  1. The Cmap Cloud site hosts CmapTools in the Cloud, the Web, online version of CmapTools. CmapTools for the Cloud is a complete, browser-based version of CmapTools.
  2. Cmap Cloud Home Folder: a Cloud Folder for storing and sharing Cmaps and Resources, which can be accessed from the three versions of CmapTools: CmapTools for the Desktop, CmapTools for iPad and CmapTools in the Cloud. The Cmap Cloud thus integrates the Cmaps and Resources for the three versions, allowing users to access their Cmaps from any of them.
  3. The Cmap Cloud site keeps track of user credentials (email address and password) for access to the Cmap Cloud from CmapTools and CmapTools for iPad, allowing a user to recover a lost password or change the password.

To learn how to access the Cmap Cloud from CmapTools, see the video Cmap Cloud and CmapTools.

To learn how to sync CmapTools for iPad with the Cmap Cloud, see the video How to Sync CmapTools for iPad and the Cmap Cloud.

How do I access the Cmaps and Resources in my Cmap Cloud Folder from CmapTools for iPad and CmapTools for Desktop?

In CmapTools for the Desktop, the Views windows provides an icon to access Cmaps in the Cloud. You need to provide the userid (email address) and password for your Cmap Cloud account. The Cmaps and resources are located in the Cmap Cloud when accessed from CmapTools on the Desktop.

To learn how to access the Cmap Cloud from CmapTools, see the video Cmap Cloud and CmapTools.

In CmapTools for iPad, syncing the content with the Cmap Cloud requires and in-app purchase. CmapTools will sync your resources with the root resources of your Cmap Cloud folder when you tap on the sync button.

To learn how to sync CmapTools for iPad with the Cmap Cloud, see the video How to Sync CmapTools for iPad and the Cmap Cloud.

How do I Connect two Concepts without a Linking Phrase in Between

Press and hold the 'Shift' key down while you create your link to either an existing or new concept.